breakin in the book.

baby girl and her perfect sketches

Anonymous asked:
Do you live in Seattle? Really chatting my be difficult xD

point taken, Seattle is a good 3 hours north

Anonymous asked:
Haha I don't actually have a tumblr account ( I had one got bored and deleted but I'm back but haven't gotten around to making a new one) but I could make one if you want to chat (^__^)

or just real life chat exists too!

Anonymous asked:
Because you like fantasy with heavy philosophical sub text (why else would someone read Guardians of the Flame and DUNE 😆)

you’ve got me all figured
(read and enjoyed both;)

lemme know if we could talk about books sometime

Anonymous asked:
You should read the works of R.A. Salvatore. Start with Homeland and Exile. Their in the Fantasy section at Powell's or on Kindle for less than $4

why these for me? (I’m going to powells tomorrow so I’ll find em)

Anonymous asked:
Have you seen all the Lord of the Rings movies? Am I the only one that finds Vigo Mortinson dreamy and majestic?

not all of them, yet.
I see what you mean but he’s a bit older for my personal taste


Esfahan, Iran